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French Language Teacher FLE in Paris

My cursus

My name is Christine Vanthuyne. I am French and I grew up in the Paris region. 

I have been reading books on the history of the French language from adolescence onwards. I was interested in its evolution and to find out how people spoke a few centuries ago. I enjoy explaining how the language and its pronunciation work. I like languages and also enjoy comparing them.

I have spent over 20 years working in a company providing investment solutions as a management assistant and am thus well acquainted with the world of business.

I speak German and English.

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Chirstine Vanthuyne

My passion

In 2011 I returned to my first love and gave voluntary evening classes in French for an association. I was delighted with this new experience and decided to dedicate myself to it full time.

I passed the Alliance Française diploma “DAEFLE” in 2014.

These days I give lessons to companies in business and everyday French and I have widened my range of courses which are focused on conversation and pronunciation. I am convinced that spoken French and pronunciation are a priority for constructive communication. 

I continue to seek to improve my teaching methods and keep myself up to date on the latest on French as a foreign language.

My clients

My customers are adults, whether beginners or not, expatriates, students or tourists. Their objective is to improve their French in general, and also in specific areas, and to perfect their spoken French and pronunciation.

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My experiences as a French teacher (FLE)

In business and at home

  • Positioning test, needs analysis, formative evaluation and assessment
  • Strengthen the oral in context: telephone, meetings, comment on graphs, presentations … (B1)
  • Strengthening professional writing in French (B2)
  • Teaching domain-specific language (accounting) (B1)
  • Improving pronunciation in French
  • Preparation for DALF C2 (Advanced Diploma of French Language)
  • General French and Daily, French familiar (B2)


Volunteer work (school migrant public)

  • Analyze needs, priority in oral situations, role plays (A1 / A2)
  • Develop a positioning test, formative evaluations, tracking sheets
  • Design and correction of summative formations, white exam DELF A2




« La Francophonie: cultural essence, political necessity 2016 »

Training at the Alliance Française de Bordeaux (48h)

  • Enrichment of teaching practices: TICE, Press, Video, comics, French oral, civilization, songs
  • Classroom observation and analysis
  • Preparation of a 4-hour didactic unit from an authentic document

Verbo-tonal corrective phonetic training

www.intravaia-verbotonale.com (Pietro Intravaia)

verbotonale-phonetique.com (Au son du FLE – Michel Billières)


Barcelona - House of Languages: training seminar (2 days)

Workshops :

  • Technology: how to teach videos in class of FLE
  • Creative Strategies + Mental Maps = Merry Solutions
  • Gestion de classe : gérer la classe hors les murs

Conferences: What to expect tomorrow in our classrooms / A hybrid course in FLE / Learning points for the management of the class


BTS Manager Assistant

Lycée Racine – Paris 8e

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